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Taking the Tuxedo Shirt in Another Direction


Introducing our new Great White Shirt, Tuxedo Pique! As we debut our newest GWS selection (one in a series of fitted, easily wearable and endlessly versatile white shirts) I’m reminded of a wonderful photo Vogue.com styled this summer using our longer, boyfriend style His is Hers® Tuxedo Shirt. To see the post click on the photo here:

We love how the stylist on the shoot paired it with black pants, a YSL moto jacket and big, chunky loafers. Inspired, we decided to ape their style with our own version of the pic, this one with the new Tuxedo Pique built with shorter tails you can leave out or tuck in.

Our pic is paired with black jeans, a Zara moto jacket from last season and our friend/model Lesli’s Ella black boots by Fiorentini + Baker.

While there is still a limited supply of the His is Hers® Tuxedo Shirt in white and charcoal gray in stock, we have a full range of our new GWS Tuxedo Pique. Hope you’ll be inspired and share the cool ways you’ve paired this piece, too. 

Let's Makeup

I have a confession, like a lot of you I love makeup. (Not to mention great skincare–I’m partial to the dermatologist-developed lines myself, but I digress.)This month as we prep for a photo shoot, I thought it was a great excuse to change up my makeup palette. While I’m a high-low shopper with a list of drug store finds I [...]

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Country Living

Sending a big "Thank you!" out to both the talented editors at Country Living magazine and uber-talented fashion designer, Lela Rose. In the newest (September) issue there's a fun style page on the stylish Dallas-born designer's "My Kind of Country" where she reveals she's a DIYer, hosts cooking classes for her colleagues, and escapes to [...]

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Lacoste Living

Our wonderful retailing friends at Shirtini in Charleston just forwarded us this lovely blog entry from Ann Street Studios capturing some of her time spent with the art school SCAD in France.The stunning photos will take you to a beautiful part of France called Lacoste and photographer Ann Street’s images are simply breathtaking. Our great thanks to Ann for including our Covered Placket Shirtdress [...]

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Welcome to Claridge + King’s new website! We're so excited to unveil the site our amazing team has been working on for months. Our thanks to the talented designers led by Amanda Valentine, co-owner of the premier graphic designer firm, PH Design, and our new colleague–British IT talent–Andrew Johnson who worked long and hard to create an-easy-to-maneuver website which will [...]

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