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Smart Story from The Wall Street Journal


If you didn't see this weekend's story on the marvel of a great white shirt in the Wall Street Journal check it out here: 


While its author Nancy MacDonell didn't mention Claridge + King's fitted Great White Shirt varieties, nor our His is Hers Original boyfriend shirts (insert sounds of our quiet, collective whimpering here), nevertheless she wrote a great piece on one our favorite wardrobe essentials. (Especially noting the close ties to menswear the style has, one we dutifully maintain season after season.)

However our favorite part "true confessions of a white shirt."  Enjoy the excerpt below:


To get at the essence of what it’s like to be a classic white shirt, we asked one. Here are its notably crisp responses:

Q. Has anyone ever accused you of being a “blouse”?

A. It happens. I usually maintain a stony silence in those situations.

Q. Being so very white and wholesome, are you widely presumed to be a virgin?

A. I’m sure some people think that. They obviously haven’t seen me with my shirttails knotted coyly around a taut midriff.

Q. Do you have an affinity for other white, breezy things like a catamaran’s sails or those billowing curtains featured in the 2013 remake of “The Great Gatsby”?

A. No. I thought that “Gatsby” scene was overdone. I’d never consent to billow so cheesily.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with irons?

A. On-again, off-again. Occasionally steamy.

xo Liz and Laurann

The White Shirt

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Thank you Veranda Magazine

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People Style Watch - Love That!

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